Covid 19 #kidlitquarantine List

Hey all,

I hope you are well, that you have chafed hands from constant washing, and that you are staying inside.

Many the children’s and YA community is trying to support teachers by hosting read alouds. I’ve seen a bunch on Twitter and a few collaborative sites and collections. I’m going to keep to try and keep this post updated so parents can find great literature for the non-adults in their lives.


Susan Tan has a YouTube channel she calls Authors Everywhere! that features many authors and illustrators reading their work, and also providing writing and illustrating lessons and advice. This channel has a LOT so please check it out.

We Are Teachers has a rolling list – thanks to Jeanne Croteau! – started on March 18, 2020. It is organized by grade level.

Grace Lin has a Youtube channel where kids can hear stories, and see how to draw stuff from a real book illustrator.

If you want to go deep web … Kat Cho (@KatCho) has a google calendar, KIDLIT EVENTS , that lists all kinds of virtual kidlit events! She also has a form for folks to use for future events.


UPDATE March 24, 2020

Laurie Halse Anderson got the flu so her read-alouds are on hold. No word on what KIND fo flu.
Laurie Halse Anderson is reading Fever 1793 aloud. I have to say I have been enjoying it in all new ways.






UPDATE March 30, 2020

Adding this fabulous resource created by Edi Campbell, total amazing librarian. It is designed to assist us … all of us … to be better teachers.
JEDI Resources for Online PreK-12 Teaching During COVID and Beyond


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